Filip Weber's Mini-Project


By Disney

While Prince Hans of the Souther Isles came to visit Arendal, Elsa has been keeping a deep secret from everyone. During Hans stay, he supposedly feel in love with Elsa's sister, Anna. Furthermore, Elsa reveals her secret ice powers and flees her castle. Afterwards, Anna and Christoff set off on an epic journey to save Elsa as well as the entire kingdom from an eternal winter

All in all, the movie had a pretty good storyline and a very unique way in ending the film. I would have recommend this to people of all ages, young and old. The only issues I have forthis movie was it was a little short and kinda came to an end too quickly but it still had a lot of events that went on throughout the movie and was not really just clutter to fill up the plot.

Mocking Jay

Produced by Lions Gate

After winning the 74th Hunger Games and just barely escaping the 75th, Katiness is in the rebeelion against the Capital and President Snow. Katiness, along with her most trusted alies, must go strait into the Capital to brng peace for all of Panem.

I am honestly disappointed with how they ended such as great triliogy, from the beginning, I have been in lob=ve with the series but the way they ended was just honestly not able to hold up with the rest of the series. However, I do believe MockingJay did have it's moments of intense action and suspence and I was not the biggest fan of the novel either.